Alcachofa en Polvo  (Artichoke Powder)

Artichoke Powder - Alcachofa En Polvo

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Scientific Name:

Cynara scolymus L

The artichoke is a perennial plant that grows in warm areas. It measures up to 2 m in height, has hard trunks and leaves are long and rough. It has a purple or purple flower that consists of hundreds of hairs crowning rigid green petals that develop later in the fruit of the artichoke.

Medicinal Uses

Digestive System:

One of its most well-known properties is that it helps to lose weight when included in a low-fat diet. It has low calories and high fiber content, which gives a feeling of fullness. In the same way, the fiber helps the intestinal transit avoiding the constipation. Its effects are positive in liver disease and its deficiencies, as well as helping to remove stones in the gallbladder and reduce gas.

Circulatory System:

The artichoke component called synarine helps to lower cholesterol levels, thus preventing diseases such as arteriosclerosis. It also helps regulate blood pressure, preventing heart disease.

Urinary System: 

Since it has a lot of potassium, it has diuretic effects that prevent urinary diseases and help in its treatment. This helps to remove toxins from the body, helping people suffering from fluid retention, uric acid, gout, arthritis or rheumatism. It is also known anti-cancer properties, especially in colon and breast cancer. It also helps to level blood sugar, being a good food to include in the diet of diabetics.

How Alcachofa is good for the skin:

A solution made with a knowledge of dried artichoke leaves disinflames the eyes and strengthens vision.

How to use Alcachofa:

The artichoke is edible when ripe. They also use their dry leaves to make infusions and dehydrates to be able to consume it in powder and make tablets.