Rhubarb Root Powder (8 oz.)
Rhubarb Root Powder (8 oz.)
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Rhubarb Root Powder (8 oz.)

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Origin: Turkey 

Botanical Name: Rheum officinalis or Rheum palmatum

Common Names: Chinese rhubarb, wild rhubarb, Indian rhubarb, Turkey rhubarb

What parts of rhubarb root are used?

Aged, chopped roots are used.

How do you identify rhubarb root and where is it grown?

Rheum palmatum has large somewhat triangle-like shaped leaves with striking greenish-white flowers when in bloom. The tops die back in autumn and then the roots are harvested. Long used in Chinese Medicine, the herb used to be widely traded on the Silk Road—the network of ancient trade routes that linked China with the West. As other countries embraced this plant’s medicinal benefits and embraced its bitter taste in cooking, it earned more common names after the countries that discovered it.

Generally Prepared:

While Rhubarb root is cut and prepared in tinctures and teas, another application method is preparing tinctures of the powder in 200-400mg capsules.

Usually Prepared With:

Rhubarb root is combined with other herbs such as Licorice root, Senna and Slippery Elm.