Hydrangea Root Powder - 8 oz.
Hydrangea Root Powder - 8 oz.
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Hydrangea Root Powder - 8 oz.

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Origin: United States 

Botanical Name: Hydrangea arborescens L.

Common Names: hydrangea

What parts of hydrangea root are used?

Hydrangea root, the rhizome of this showy plant, is used.

How do you identify hydrangea root and where is it grown?

Above ground, the plant of this root has wooden stems and blue, purple or pink star-shaped flowers depending on the acidity level of the soil it is growing in. As a shrub, it grows 1-3 meters high but can also grow to the size of small trees. The roots are small and gray in color.

Water lover

This showy plant was first discovered in Japan though its name has Greek origins. Hydror means water in Greek and angos means jar or vessel which loosely translates to water jar or water barrel. This makes sense since hydrangeas prefer moist soil.

Generally Prepared:

Hydrangea root has traditionally been prepared as a tea served with a syrup or sugar.  In contemporary Herbalism it is increasingly common to prepare this root powder in a capsule form, as a tea, tincture, even as an ingredient in cosmetics.

Hydrangea root powder is most commonly prepared in 300-400mg capsules.

Usually Prepared With:

Hydrangea root is generally prepared with Corn Silk, Cranberries, Juniper Berries, Saw Palmetto and Uva Ursi.