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Botanical Name:

Amphipetyglum Adstringens

Common Name:


What is Cuachalalate?

Cuachalate is a tree that grows to 5m in height. Used medicinally for thousands of years in Mexico, it is most sought after for its hearty bark and the demand for it was so high the plant nearly went extinct in the early 2000’s.

Benefits of Cuachalalate

The Cuachalalate’s bark is highly sought after for it’s ability to cure malaria, stomach cancer, ulcers, and sickness related to the kidneys. As far as kidney function goes, the bark of this tree acts as a great diuretic to eliminate edema, and reduces various inflammation that kidney problems can cause.

How to consume Cuachalalate

In Latin America, Cuachalateis is typically consumed as a tea, often mixed with other herbs depending on the practitioner’s health or flavor needs.