Botanical Name: Cassia Fistula

Common Names: Purging fistula, Golden Shower Tree, Laburnum

What is canafistula?

Canafistula is a flowering deciduous tree. The leaves, bark, roots, flowers and fruits of this tree are all used in different ways

How do you identify canafistula and where is it grown?

A canafistula tree can grow up to 29 feet tall. It sprouts yellowish-golden flowers that eventually fall off and “rain down” from the tree, which is why the canafistula tree is nicknamed "golden shower tree.” Once the flowers have fallen the canafistula tree has bare, long, dark brown circular rods that have seed pods inside. It is native to Southeastern Asia but it is now cultivated worldwide, it’s showy yellow flowers attracting both bees and butterflies. However, parts of Australia consider it invasive.

The canafistula tree is not solely planted for its herbal qualities

Canafistula has been widely planted as a handsome ornamental tree and reported as a firewood source in Mexico. 

Canafistula - Cassia Fistula (8 oz.)

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